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How to use Google Meet

Google Meet

Google Meet recently became " Google Meet ". In the past, the administration was called Hangouts Meet, as were  Hangouts Chat , this concurrent Google Slack and Microsoft Teams, which was also recently renamed Google Chat.

How to use Google Meet

To use Google Meet, all you need to do is have a Google account and sign in to .

You can then join a meeting or create a new meeting. You can invite other members via a link or assign them a number to call if they don't have web access.

 Google Meet free for all

You can access a screen that allows you to see 16 people at a time. You can share your screen to create a sample standard presentation. Finally, Google also offers a real-time captioning function.

For organizations, Google is additionally declaring another G Suite offering called " G Suite Basics, " which incorporates Meet and Google Drive , however not Gmail.

Three million new users are registered every day. With the integration into Gmail, Google also plans to attract its 2 billion e-mail users.

 Google undertakes not to use personal data on Meet, nor to listen to discussions to refine the profiles of its users.

How to join Google Meet

Google Meet and Google Classroom

Google meets and gets information when they join a meeting. Classroom Tutorial Now this is another  extension that will add functionality to respond to Google.

Now Google dating is an amazing platform and many of us are using it for our online education.

Currently, this extension will add the attendance feature, extensions that allow you to use a timer in Google slides, but this one is on Google Meet.

Google Meet extension

You can just type meet, presence once you are in chrome, web store, you are going to add to your chrome so that you click add to chrome, then you are going to add this extension.

 You notice that as soon as the extension is added, there will be a little icon at the top, it's not colored at the moment, and that's because it doesn't read the information on that page.

 But once you start using it in Google Meet, it will start to work. Then you can ask your admin to pass it on to any staff who might need or want to use it, but before that you can always try it yourself.

Watch the demo video


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