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Hotel industry | Hospitality industry

The hotel industryhost hotel, and hospitality industry is information or research conducted on the behavior of people in different tourist destinations while on the move and tracking the data after it is implemented. 

Hotel industry | Hospitality industry

Hotel industry

 Management, a new way of thinking, hotel management is a part of the service industry that brings in more investment and money than any other leader in the hospitality industry is trained. Corporate human resources in addition to customer service. 

So, if you are working or want to work in the hotel management industry as a manager, it is very important to understand that you are going to provide or show yourself a variety of different types of services and jobs, and that makes part of good hospitality industry planning in hotel management working in a different cycle. This means that you have to meet the needs first regardless of the existing needs.

 You need to announce our goals and objectives, you need to have a business plan or what exactly is your goal in that particular hotel area that you need to be aware of with this survey of existing data that is already part of the current hotel industry on the way people behave in tourist areas.


Hospitality industry

It is therefore necessary first to have a definition of the activities, that is to say, to understand how the division of labor occurs because the hotel is a huge workplace where there are thousands and thousands of employees. who work either in front or back-end, it is, therefore, necessary to define exactly which activities and the distribution of work according to the activities that You need to group the activities by department so that it is, for example, of F&B or food and beverage department or it could be housekeeping or janitorial, etc., so you need to group similar activities and form a department that assigns activities according to their hierarchy.

 Therefore, you need to understand how to allocate activities based on authority status as well as a hierarchy in the hospitality industry. Then you have to delegate authority, which is the decentralization that has to be transferred to whom and how the work is done around the delegation of authority instead of one person who has all the responsibilities and himself.

  It is therefore always important to delegate your authority to other people so that it goes smoothly in the hotel.

Staff management

 Recruitment is your human resource. A hotel is an industry with a large number of people working in this hotel business as employees, so there is a special process that must occur in any type of hotel or hospitality business that you are separate from.

   First, you need to have manpower requirements, which is our understanding of what kind of people you would need to do all the research work, and then you need to set up hiring, so doing advertising in various Google searches like a monster as well as dot-com…, to set up a Recruitment process By selecting the right type of candidate profile that you have for orientation and placement, it is very important.


 You have to give them a definition by trying to familiarize them with the type of organization that will become a part of the training and development that any new employee who joins your hotel field must have some kind of training and development and you need to know if compensation works in their favor or not.

 It's all part of HR or hiring new employees for your hospitality industry, controlling and managing your hospitality.  


 What we are trying to understand is that we have to focus on the host hotel as well as hospitality is a service-oriented industry and everything has to focus on one person who is the client or client of that hotel: understand a role that customers who contact the employee should be given ie someone who interacts with customers Lots of training and they should understand their role very well.

 Everything revolves around hospitality as well as service, so this culture of service must be placed in the hotel environment, and everyone should know exactly what is expected of them as a culture that knows service and thrives on change, good change is only constant in life and if we don't change then we will be in a state. Recession and we will be where we will be in a few years.

Hospitality industry management 


 So try to change as much as you can be flexible and adaptable to change now if you are looking to get into a managerial right or a role in the hospitality industry you need to have certain leadership qualities.


 You have to understand yourself as the leader of motivation, as the manager of exactly who you are, so be aware of yourself:

  •   Understand that your organization sets goals and leads people as a leader.
  •   It becomes important that you give them the right direction.


Recognizing performance as a leader, it becomes very important to have good words and you know how to recognize and reward people who do very well or who do well and be flexible and ready to adapt to different situations and scenarios where leadership and mentoring have a certain ethic.


 So, as a leader, you have to follow with the certainty that you know a code of conduct or ethics or values ​​that must be part of you, rooted in you, it is dung and the rules must be something. that you respect because you have to speak like a leader only, people will follow you.


 Values ​​are something you need to have your morals and your principles. Your research should be fully updated with your ethical principles: are they honest, service-oriented, or don't practice any ethical practices, so don't cheat or do the wrong things.


Module leadership


It leader, Ethics is what you do when no one is looking at you, and therefore it is very important, to be honest about it, and codes of conduct require certain rules, regulations, and rules of conduct in the working environment. working as a manager or as a leader, these are all different ethics that a leader or manager must-have in the hospitality industry.


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