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Snappea! New and free technology to download your videos from YouTube

Snappea! New and free technology to download your videos from YouTube

Many YouTube users find it difficult to download their videos, especially if they are devices that do not meet the upload principle.

Faced with the development of technology in this field and the continuous research in the field of software, a new tool has appeared that works online without the need to install an add-on for your browser or any application on your mobile or computer. and helps you download videos from YouTube without limits and free:

 This tool is Snappea, the most important feature of which is that it is the fastest tool to download YouTube videos from the internet, as it allows you to download video from YouTube to mobile, computer, and any other device. Moreover, it is a simple and elegant user interface suitable for all visitors, and it works for multiple video downloads with UHD resolution up to 8K. You can also download multiple videos as audio-only, with a resolution of up to 320kbs.

This tool is 100% free and does not contain any ads, and the site is also completely safe and does not contain any malware or viruses and it is ranked among the most secure site offering download services.

How to download video from YouTube to a computer is the same as how to download video from YouTube to mobile, as we mentioned the tool is web-based (i.e. it works via Internet and browser), and here are its steps:

the first step:

Open the browser in your smart device (i.e. a good browser) and go to Snappea, search through Google for the name of the site or go directly.

The second step:

After opening the site, you can search for the video you want to download through the search box of the main interface, and thus you will get a list of YouTube results without leaving the site. Choose yours and click on it to access the download options.

You can also open the YouTube website or app, then find the video you want and copy its link, then go back to the Snappea site and paste the link directly into the search bar to immediately go to the download options.

The third step:

On the download options page, select the option that suits you. You can download MP4 video with several qualities ranging from 144p to UHD. Or download an MP3 audio file with quality up to 320kbs, then tap the word "download" against the appropriate choice, to start downloading the file you want to your smart device storage.

As should be obvious, Snappea has furnished us with an exceptionally simple approach to download YouTube recordings.It should be noted that many YouTube content creators (Youtuber) use the online tool Snappea to get their videos as it saves them from having to search and check many other tools.

Add Snappea to your top picks in your program, to be straightforwardly connected to the site. And be happy to use Snappea Online.

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