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The BMW 7 Series appears in a conceptual design

The German company  BMW , historic in the luxury automobile industry, revealed the intensive development of the new generation of the seventh series.

BMW 7 Series

BMW aspires to reveal the new generation of the seventh series within a year or two, maybe a little more.

An imaginary design appeared based on the latest spy plans that appeared for the new generation of the 7 Series during its testing.

The BMW 7 Series appears in a conceptual design

the front of the car, which appears in a square design.

And BMW tried in testing the car to hide The Seventh Series is expected to have long, flat headlights, with a full-size grille. 

And predictions based on the spy photos indicate that the car will not have a giant grille like the one shown in the fourth category of BMW cars.

The conceptual design also shows that it has flush door handles like the one on the i4.

As for the backend, BMW was keen to camouflage it largely, which almost completely obscured the rear design.

The BMW 7 Series appears in an imaginary design, and the car is expected to have full-width tail lights in addition to the trapezoidal tailpipes.

It is expected that the coming period will witness a lot of information about the new generation of the seventh series, after BMW is forced to reduce the camouflages with its new tests.

Experts expect BMW to unveil the new generation of the seventh series in 2022 and the model to be presented in agencies and global markets in 2023.

And reports speak of the presentation of a fully electric version of the seventh category, which will be called the Check out the BMW i7, and which can achieve a range of over 480 kilometers per hour on a single charge.

The electric version of the BMW 7 Series is expected to be launched with an engine that generates 536 hp with an all-wheel drive system.

We may see some fierce competition between the BMW i7 and the fully electric Mercedes EQS.

The EQS is the S-Class electric luxury sedan that Mercedes refreshed in 2021.

A new report has been published by the British magazine "Car", speaking for the first time of information on a fully electric BMW i7, supposed to receive a 100 kWh battery, which will allow it to have a range of 480 km per charged.

According to the report, the BMW i7 derives its power from two electric motors with a total output of 536 hp.

And some rumors speak of the possibility that the power of the BMW i7 engine will reach 650 hp, which is not considered impossible in the higher performance classes of the car.

In the event that a BMW Model i7 is released with a 650 hp engine, it will be a fierce competitor to the Mercedes AMG EQS, which has yet to be officially launched and is also expected to exceed 600 hp.

BMW is expected to provide the i7 all-electric sedan with a set of safety and semi-autonomous driving features and technologies, which will make it a leader in the electric competition segment, as we mentioned for the EQS electric model. .

Despite discussions about the i7's ability to compete with EQS and other electric sedans, it won't hit the market until 2023, as the car is expected to launch in 2022 as a model for the following year. 

BMW i7: a new electric icon being tested

German luxury car maker BMW has announced the start of testing for the i7 model, which is on the list of the advanced sedan category, and is expected to officially appear in domestic and global auto markets in early 2022.

German company BMW has kept details of the expected car, which relies entirely on environmentally friendly electric power to generate movement, a secret , but some global automotive news sites have revealed leaks of the i7, the most important of which will be examined in the next lines.

BMW i7 engine

The BMW i7 is equipped with an electric motor  that can generate enormous force of up to 650 hp, and leaks believe the BMW i7 will officially be stronger than competitor AMG EQS, which is expected from another giant German, Mercedes, which is expected to come with an engine that can generate up to up to 600 hp.

Some other reports also state that the BMW i7 will not be able to exceed the horsepower of the Mercedes electric model, and the BMW i7 is expected to come with two electric motors that can generate up to 536 hp by betting on the technical specifications. and car entertainment.

BMW i7 Battery

The BMW i7 has an incredible 100 kilowatt-hour battery, so the BMW i7 can travel a great distance of 480 kilometers with a full charge of the battery, which is made of lithium-ion.

BMW's fateful decisions regarding these models

BMW CEO Oliver Zibs announced the strengthening of the German company's long-standing luxury and sports car relationship with Japanese company Toyota , considered the most valuable and most valuable automotive company. sold to the world according to recent statistics.

Reports reveal cooperation between BMW and Toyota and extension of work between the two companies

 Beyond 2025, BMW and Toyota are currently working on the development of hydrogen fuel cell technologies in addition to manufacturing the Z4 and Supra models, where both models are produced in the same factory in Austria.

But reports speak of BMW's drive to cut costs, which could cause it to reduce the number of its models.

Zibs, CEO of BMW said that several sectors are affected, like the coupe and convertible, in addition to the roadster, and these will be the models most at risk of being sacrificed by BMW in the coming period.

The statements of the CEO of BMW are not surprising, especially since it has become the least popular model now, especially in light of the great popularity of other models in the multi-purpose and multi-segment SUV categories, in more than the increase in demand for environmentally friendly electric cars.

Some auto experts are asking questions about the Z4 and Supra models and their future in light of current BMW policies.

The Z4 and Supra are considered high risk after the CEO said he would consider downsizing the convertible and coupe models.

In the next step, we could find decisions from BMW to stop all Z4 and Supra and strengthen its relationship with Japanese Toyota in other areas and sectors, whether in multi-purpose SUVs or cars that depend on a hybrid system or depend entirely on pure electric motors.


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