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Top 5 upcoming smartphones

Top 5 smartphones to come with new and amazing design features.

Top 5 upcoming smartphones

Number five: Huawei P50

Huawei plans to launch the number five family P50

The flagship series of smartphones in the first half of 2021.

The source claims that Huawei will use soc Kirin 9000. In addition, it has been reported that the Huawei P50 screen suppliers are the Samsung screen and the LG screen. It seems they are now preparing for production.

The source also adds this Samsung screen. And the LG screen will certainly provide screens.

As for the Huawei P50, it is not known whether they will take control of the Huawei Mate 50 smartphone camera. Huawei p50 will receive a liquid lens for instant focus and a better portrait.

Number four: Xiaomi mi 11 pro

Xiaomi mi 11 family Xiaomi mi 11 and Xiaomi mi 11 pro

It Will be released in January, smartphones are already spending what is necessary, certification before entering the market

According to rumors about the new Xiaomi Mi 11 smartphone, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is expected to be unveiled early next year.

An insider knew by the alias Digital Chat Station claims that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Profile is expected to be introduced early next year.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is expected to be presented early next year. Xiaomi mi's level range will be announced soon.

In January, smartphones will already be subject to the necessary certification entering the market, the Xiaomi mi 11 is the first in the world.

The Snapdragon 888 Shark Black Nubia Red Magic Oppo smartphone, find realme Lg Vivo and iqo, in addition to OnePlus to release the Snapdragon 888 models in the first half of 2021 in the United States.

 The company staged the flagship Snapdragon 888 mobile flagship details on 5nm maker Qualcomm Summit Snapdragon 2020 last November, which announced the next generation of single-chip systems coming today.

Number Three: OnePlus 9

 OnePlus 9 is the deadliest of OnePlus

The OnePlus 9 Pro available can be quite expensive. If Xiaomi manages to get through this journey this year. Why not try one out and do the same. It was named OnePlus 9T in 2021.

Number Two: Apple iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13 Apple change strategy from iPhone 13

Receive iPhone 13 sub-touch screen ID. Receive the name of the sub-touch screen ID code for Messa. The company has developed an under-screen fingerprint scanner for the famous iPhone analyst.

Ming Zhi Kuo of Taon fang International made another prediction on Apple. The smartphones that will be released next year for Apple, which the company owns, have long developed a fingerprint scanner for the iPhone, as several related models show, the source says the iPhone 13 under the sensor Skin Touch fingerprint is codenamed Mesa.

Number one: Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

From the Samsung Galaxy S21 family, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or the Galaxy S30.

Superfamily with the under-screen camera, the source is convinced that it is generally compatible with the vector of development chosen by the mobile division of Samsung. For example, the company talked about a camera that works under the screen two years ago, and next year such a solution could appear in the business model and the most reasonable of all flagship phones.

The main camera will probably be the same as the Galaxy Note 20 but the autofocus will change the system. There will be a laser autofocus assistant which can resolve many issues typical of our current detection.

 The main products in general in terms of design are legitimate to speak of design evolution, but not of revolution.


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