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Updates and Modern Additions to the New Range Rover 2021

Following the recent launch of the Ceremonial Range Rover Fifty, it is now joined by a new family of 3.0-liter 'Ingenium' inline 6-cylinder diesel engines, and a range of special models including 'Westminster' and 'Westminster Black Edition ”, And the exclusive“ S ”V Autobiography Dynamic Black”. 

Updates and Modern Additions to the New Range Rover 2021?

General specs

The latest generation of Ingenium' inline 6-cylinder diesel engines has been developed in-house and contains light hybrid electric vehicles ( PHEVs ) with a capacity of 48 volts and is available with 249 hp. (183 kW), 300 hp. (221 kW) and 350 hp. (258 kW).

The Westminster Edition is based on the 'Vogue' model and is available with a range of premium monochrome, metallic or metallic finishes, while the interior combines the 'Grand Black' trim and fabric roof covering. Supersonic Swedish, panoramic movable roof, silent door closers, and Meridian round sound system with 19 speakers.

It is also available as a petrol and diesel option. On the outside, this model features privacy glass and 21-inch diamond-etched rims.

The Westminster Black Edition is also available with a black exterior package, and customers can choose from three-wheel designs, ranging from 21 inches with nine wheels to 22 inches in Gloss Black with nine beams.

Additionally, the new Range Rover SV Autobiography Black takes the distinctive SV Autobiography Black in a new direction, which is equipped by Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations division.

Improvements to the rest of the Range Rover include the latest communications features, with connectivity using Apple Car Play and Android Auto as standard in all cars for seamless use with Smartphones, and thanks to luxury “business class” seats and the ability to connect up to eight devices using connectivity. Wireless Internet (Wifi) Based on the 4G network, the Range Rover remains the ideal place for working remotely or for entertaining on long trips.

Range Rover features the latest safety technologies including lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, cruise control with speed limiter, all of which are standard features on all models, and an Adaptive cruise control option is also available.

The new Special Editions join the Limited Edition Range Rover Fifty, which was unveiled last month, and celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Land Rover luxury SUV family. Only 1,970 Fifty cars will be produced, following the year 1970 when the Range Rover was launched.

All Range Rover passengers will experience a different travel experience with a range of features designed to increase vehicle comfort. The cabin air ionization system with PM2.5 Nanoe filtering removes harmful particles from the passenger compartment, thus improving the quality of the air in the passenger compartment. Air for driver and passengers.

The Range Rover PM2.5 air filtration system is controlled using the default 'Purify' button on the infotainment system's touchscreen, and when pressed, the circulation process. air and cleaning begins, to remove harmful particles smaller than 2.5 microns. Human health.

Elegant efficiency

The new “Ingenium” diesel engines are an ideal choice for customers who drive long distances or regularly tow trailers.
These engines are based on the standard aluminum engine architecture of Jaguar Land Rover. These straight-cylinder diesel engines are smoother and more refined than any previous generation and incorporate advanced 48-volt light hybrid electric vehicle (MHEV) technology to meet the highest standards. Emissions are global hardening.

These criteria include the second phase of the Real Driving Emissions (RDE2) test, which monitors nitrogen oxide emissions, making the new Range Rover one of the world's first full-size, super-performance luxury SUVs available. in diesel models that meet the "actual driving emissions" standard. 

These highly efficient motors provide enhanced responses by recovering and storing the energy created during deceleration, and intelligently redistributing it to aid the motor during acceleration.

The 3.0-liter “Ingenium” D300 diesel engine is capable of achieving combined fuel consumption of 8.6 liters / 100 km (or 33.0 mph), according to the WLTP (Worldwide Standardized Light Vehicle Driving Test), with CO emissions of 225 g / km. 

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The more powerful D350 engine delivers fuel consumption of 9.2 liters / 100 km (or 30.8 mph), with emissions of 241 g / km according to the World Standard Light Vehicle Driving Test (WLTP). As a result, the distinctive diesel models offer the performance of previous conventional eight-cylinder engines, as well as the efficiency and lightness of six-cylinder engines.

Nick Rogers, Executive Director of Product Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover, said: “Our line of clean, sophisticated and highly efficient 'Ingenium' engines has evolved and expanded to provide our customers with a wider choice of inline-six- and four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. 

In all Range Rover vehicles, light plug-in hybrid electric vehicle technologies are applied, providing an amazing combination of superior performance and efficiency, making the Range Rover one of the world's first full-size luxury SUVs with diesel engines. that meet `` real driving emissions '' standards.

The latest range of Range Rover engines include

D350 - 350 hp (257 kW), 3.0 liter V6 with mild electric hybrid (MHEV), torque 700 Nm from 1500 to 3000 pm.
D300 - 300 hp (221 kW), 3.0 liter V6 with MHEV, torque 650 Nm from 1500 to 2500 pm.

P400e - 404 hp (297 kW), 2.0-liter four-cylinder with plug-in hybrid power supply (PHEV), torque 640 Nm from 1,500 to 4,000 rpm.
P400 - 400 hp (294 kW), 3.0 liter V6, torque 550 Nm from 2000 to 5000 rpm.

P565 - 565 hp (415 kW), 5.0 liter V8 with supercharging technology, 700 Nm torque between 3500 and 5000 pm.
P525 - 525 hp (386 kW), 5.0 liter V8 with supercharging technology, 625 Nm torque between 2,500 and 5,500 pm.

The P400e uses a 13.1 kWh lithium battery and the car's carbon dioxide emissions are 75 g / km, while fuel consumption is reduced to 3.3 liters / 100 km (or 84, 8 miles/gallon) according to the World Standardized Driving Test for Light Vehicles) WLTP).
The P400e is also the most efficient new Range Rover. 

Can travel up to 40 km (25 miles) in all-electric and emission-free mode, and the P400e combines the powerful 300 hp (221 kW) 'Ingenium' four-cylinder gasoline engine with the 143 hp (105 kW) electric motor ).

A special tip

For 15 years, the experienced engineers and technicians of the Special Vehicle Operations division have designed and produced the fastest, most luxurious, and most exclusive Range Rover in the 50-year history of the luxury SUV. The luxury, performance, and multiplication capabilities of the SV models are fundamental to the development of Range Rover.

The new Range Rover SV Autobiography Dynamic Black has been designed to visually enhance the character of this model, combining glossy Santorini Black metallic and Narvik Black exterior lines, 22-inch rims, glossy black, and a distinctive logo on the side pedals.

Updates and Modern Additions to the New Range Rover 2021?

The exterior design also features black brake saddles, while the interior is complete with ebony seats and Pimento stitching.
For customers who want dual control and performance, Land Rover's SV family includes the Range Rover SV Autobiography Dynamic. 


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