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Love Unleashed: Celebrating Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day 2022 is in its second year in Corona times

Love Unleashed: Celebrating Valentine's Day

In the last two years, during the intensification of the Corona pandemic in the world, the statements of experts on the celebration of Valentine's Day have varied as an occasion not only for coming together and exchanging feelings of love, kiss, and hug, but also an opportunity to increase the epidemic of the new renewed virus, which the World Health Organization (WHO) defined at the time as "an infectious disease caused by the latest virus discovered of the Coronavirus strain. 

There was no knowledge of the existence of this new virus and its disease before the outbreak began in the Chinese city of Wuhan in December 2019. Covid-19 has become an infectious disease affecting many countries around the world.

At the time, one of Britain's leading experts, "Don Oxford", emeritus professor of virology at Queen Mary University of London, called for avoiding kissing to celebrate Valentine's Day at the end of 'to help defeat the Coronavirus, also reported that wearing a mask does not make sense because it gives a false sense of security, and he said that the infection is a social virus, so the best way to stop is publishing UK rules of discretion.

 Professor 'Don' stressed the need for restraint as hugging and kissing fuel the spread of this deadly virus.

On the other hand, other experts have said that canceling Valentine's Day may be overkill. Professor Hugh Bennington', a disease expert at the University of Aberdeen, explained: "It is too early to take such action. 

 Perhaps you are considering avoiding kissing someone who has just left an office, a flight from a country, as dangerous as China or Singapore, but if he is a British citizen and has not traveled, you can have the same usual privacy you want for this Valentine's Day that, this n probably isn't the Coronavirus".

Today, two years after the emergence of the Corona virus, and despite the frightening numbers recorded according to the statistics of the World Health Organization compared to last year (more than 108 million infected and more than 2.3 million deaths), it has been found that most lovers and close friends who share social networking sites are very prepared To welcome one of the most important romantic occasions in the world, to learn about Valentine's Day. 

Today through many rituals and manifestations related to showing their feelings and expressing their feelings. They share ideas like valentine gift ideas, valentine lady gift, valentine man gift idea, original valentine gift, valentine flower, etc…

Therefore, we can say that the discussion of the relationship between the celebration of this occasion and the subject of Covid is no longer as interesting as we observed at this time last year.

History of Valentine's Day

As a reminder, Valentine's Day this year coincides with Sunday, February 14, 2021, this date was associated with courtship in the Middle Ages, and in the 18th century, the British began to greet each other on this holiday.

In France, the towns of Saint-Valentin and Roquemaure vie for the title of Valentine's Day, with wedding rites taking place for lovers in gardens covered in roses and flowers.

In Japan, this holiday was associated with chocolate candies, as men presented chocolate to their partners, and during this holiday, confectionery companies earn half of their annual profits, as do gift and rose merchants in the rest of the world where the commercial movement flourishes, exceptionally.

Valentine's Day, an occasion of love and renewal of closeness

Valentine's Day will remain an annual occasion that compensates for the days of the year that pass without the lover expressing his love for his beloved. Valentine's Day will challenge adversities, crises and tribulations to renew self-confidence and exchange the sweetest and most beautiful words and messages between lovers with love and romance that overflow with passion and love and carry their feelings and warm feelings towards the beloved.


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