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Data recovery | Common myths about recovering data from the computer after deletion

 When we talk about recovering lost data from a computer or laptop, it can become a worry which is a nightmare. The reasons can be many, ranging from hard drive failure to pressing Shift + Del only to realize later that what you just deleted was important data. This is the time when the questions come to your mind, is it possible to recover accidentally lost data? More than anything.

Data recovery | Common myths about recovering data from the computer after deletion

Common myths about recovering data from the computer using data recovery software

These common ideas should make you very careful when dealing with files that have been deleted. You have to keep some hope that the data deleted from the computer can be recovered.

The file that was deleted once cannot be recovered

We live in the age of technology where nothing is impossible, and data recovery is one of those things. Yes, If you don't act quickly, you will likely lose data permanently. Think about it again. At the point when you unintentionally erase a document, the drive denotes the space as free. This is where you need to act fast and use data recovery software like Advanced Disk Recovery or Stellar Data Recovery. Which would keep the expectation of recuperating lost information alive? But you need to make sure to do it quickly so that you don't lose data permanently.

You can manipulate hard drive manually and recover data

One of the most common misconceptions about data recovery is that taking matters into your own hands is not risky. The point is that a hard drive consists of many important parts such as a magnetic plate, sensitive circuits, Read/Write Head, a drive, etc.

 It goes without saying that if you are not trained in handling such ingredients; you can easily end up spoiling them. Additionally, components such as magnetic plates must be intact for any potential for data recovery so that Read/Write Head can access the data. Even fine fingerprints or dust particles can eliminate the chances of data recovery.

You can recover accidentally deleted files from the same location from where the file was deleted

Restoring files to the original drive may make them unrecoverable. That is why it is highly recommended to choose a different location to recover accidentally deleted files. Therefore, when using any of the data recovery software, you need to select another location to recover the data from which the file was deleted. 

This will make the recovery of this file at a high rate possible. However, specifying the exact location of the file to restore can complicate this process and make it difficult to access that file because you are dealing with a machine.

Data recovery software is a remedy that works in all conditions

While we praise all the different data recovery software which keep the hope of accidentally accessing the lost data. There are situations in which it is better to entrust the reader to a specialist who has access to these files by astute scientific methods. Simply put, there are "pure clean" cleanroom labs. 

Professionals who work on a hard drive use specialized hardware and software tools. They handle inaccessible hard drives, SSDs, USB drives, cell phones, RAID servers, or any other device damaged or containing data.

I don't need a backup strategy when I have data recovery software

Even if you have data recovery software or a professional data recovery lab, nothing can replace a strong backup strategy. Many backup programs can help you create a backup on time.

 It is for all your files and folders which can be recovered in the event of a disaster such as hard drive failure on your computer, and you need to reinstall the operating system. You should also make a habit of creating restore points now and then.

In case your data is lost, and you want to keep your hopes of data recovery (at least to some extent), we recommend that you install data recovery software immediately.

 For example, you can immediately install Advanced Disk Recovery, one of the best data recovery solutions. It helps you to recover all types of files like videos, documents, audio, photos, and all other types of files. And this is from hard drives, USB, and other storage devices.



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