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Enhance self-confidence

Enhance self-confidence

Self-confidence is very important to maintain physical and psychological health together, as enjoyment helps a person to become successful in his family, personal and professional life. What is self-confidence? What are their benefits and most important steps to strengthen? How can a human be gained and enjoyed? 

 Almost all people at this age strive to gain self-confidence and increase their abilities and knowledge. This personality is considered one of the most important invitations that characterize the strong personality, which accepts and coexists with all the negatives and positives, physical, personal and intellectual, and the interest of the family today in educational psychology is only evidence of the value of self-confidence since childhood.

 Trust in self and personal strength are all that aspires to get human because they are two classes to be in any man who wants to have success keys in all aspects of life, social, family, educational and professionalism.

 What is the definition of self-confidence?

 In the dictionary, the definition of self-confidence is "human confidence in his abilities and its qualities and its assessment of things" and in psychology. Self-confidence is defined as the adoption of the person on himself and the confidence in his capabilities, recipients, and in itself in general. This character also knows that he is confident of their capabilities, possibilities, decisions, or belief that he can address the challenges and requirements of everyday life successfully. Based on this definition, the person has been confident in optimism, confidence, and the ability to achieve its objectives and evaluate persons and relations correctly according to its consideration and appreciation for himself.

What do you do to build an attractive personality?

Meeting and psychologists say that building an attractive and powerful figure requires self-confidence first, to trust you after that and is respected and understanding among you, and to be an attractive and powerful figure you should have some qualities that make you talk to you and look at you In working relationships, the construction of self-confidence is not difficult and has a large return on the same person, just to take care of the following:

  •  Exterior:

The first moment in which the eyes of any human being upon you will know immediately after which he is dealing with those who do, many of us see humans around him and through their external appearance predicts the function of this person. For example, if we see one of the institutions, he is an individual in which he declares and take care of a lot, falls in our thoughts As one of the managers in this institution, or one of the people, therefore, so that interest in the external appearance cuts half the way for people to reach people's hearts.

  • Professional and vocabulary:

The use of appropriate words of course and according to the position you are in which you are smart behaviors, which enhance your trust yourself, your words and tone of the voice you choose with your family and close friends very perfectly about what they are in working at work, and also vary greatly if I attend a meeting with managers In the company working out, you are a place.

  •  Eye Communication:

 This communication has the effect of magic; it is through your looks while talking to you.

Stages of self-confidence

1-Speak to yourself positively and not negatively.

2-Treat yourself as you do with your best friend, think about what you will say to your friend in a similar situation. We often give better advice to others than we give to ourselves.

3-Be supported, kind, and understanding, don't be hard on yourself when you make a mistake.

Take the “ talk negative "challenge, every time you criticize yourself stop and look for objective evidence that that criticism is true, and if you feel you cannot be objective ask a friend whom you trust. His opinion you will understand that most of your negative discussions with yourself are without merit.

4-Do does not compare yourself to others, but their competitor is positive, make sure that each person is different and that each human life has a value in itself.

5-Acknowledge positivity, eg: Don't overlook compliments, dismiss your accomplishments as “stupid luck “or ignore your positive characteristics.

6-The most important point in coding the negative thoughts around you and writing them down in a journal, try to explain each point and send information to your mind that this question is not a question of crucially important that you have to blame and punish yourself

7-Appreciate your qualities and remember you're good points every day, you can write a list of your good characteristics and your accomplishments and review them a lot.

8-If you feel like you can't think of something good about yourself, ask a trusted friend to help you write the list.

9-Concentrate on living in the present and the present moment, instead of focusing on the past and its negatives and therefore on its reflection on the future, live your life.

10-Tell yourself a positive message every day.

11-Stop worrying about everything about the future, accept that you cannot see the future or change it, and try to remember these ideas from time to time.

12 Exercising will help you feel satisfied and fight depression. Work out your step-by-step goals, such as starting to walk in your home environment once a day, joining a gym, or swimming.


Express your needs, desires, feelings, beliefs, and opinions to others in a direct and honest manner.

Surround yourself in a positive and healthy environment, stay away from people who spread negative and depressing words, and try to build relationships with positive and valued people. Then benefit from the experiences of others regarding self-esteem therapy, cbt for self-esteem, therapy for low self-esteem, ted talk self-confidence, dove self-esteem, and dove self-esteem project.



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