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Program and Prospects distance education

distance education

What is distance education?

 Distance education is one of the modern systems that offer the student, in general, the possibility of obtaining information despite the distance from the teachers or from the teaching aid, which can be a book or a set of studies. Distance learning is a process that ensures the transfer of the educational program from its place in the educational institution to separate places. Distance education also started at several European and American universities in the late 70s of the last century as they mailed teaching materials to students and then the need for distance study everywhere. in the world, today has become due to the conditions of the spread of the Coronavirus.


Distance education: what reality is emerging?

Globalization has already revolutionized trade, the flow of information, and the way we work. It is therefore logical that the apprenticeship sector is also affected. Online courses, for example, allow multiple people to enjoy learning without having to physically congregate. This can be an advantage for those who have work or family obligations that do not allow them to free themselves.

Empathy training is a systematic and complex therapy to prepare for distance learning. It is the most ethical and can change over time. Online educational sites have found a great mark at work called "work".

The motivations for distance education and its importance

What happened in the world after the pandemic prompted many countries around the world to re-plan the post-pandemic education process, with the help of the strong digital infrastructure of these countries. This will lead in the future to the emergence of a new type of smart school. In addition, distance education eliminates the waste of time and the disappearance of the traditional style of buildings and their facilities, especially when traveling to schools. It also allows students to use modern communication technologies in a practical way, which is an advanced stage of education, which will eliminate the single source in education and allow the student to acquire knowledge and knowledge from a variety of different sources and locations. It also frees him from the restriction of a specific time for education, in addition to adopting advanced methods such as artificial intelligence and robotics.

Many experts have also confirmed that these countries are studying the form of education after the end of the Corona pandemic, and the opportunities available to them to become centers of smart education, especially as education specialists have long foreseen changes in the education system, and the virus epidemic has helped to accelerate this stage, so educational institutions By suspending all their traditional activities and adopting the distance education system to protect students, and although such a change requires years of planning and implementation, the societies of our world have been swift and measured steps.

Distance teaching method

There are several important points when talking about the method and method of distance education, and they are as follows:

  • Distance learning depends on the relationship that is established between teacher and student, and in the first step, the role of the family is very important in the success of the distance education process.
  • The family is the intermediary between the distance education system and the pupil, especially when they are young, they prepare worksheets that are similar to homework and help them solve questions.
  • The family organizes the class schedule with the school, and they must allocate a suitable place inside the house, and the child must be ready to sit for class in household clothes, for example.
  • The family must be able to attach their child to the available course, not to leave gaps between lessons, or between-subjects until the child has fulfilled his obligations which qualify him to pass a new stage in all serenity.

How does this affect the global market?

Learning applications are going global market in is the order of the day. Users who have no desire to work remotely and want to be called upgraded online can benefit from further decision-free learning. Among these applications, we first find Google, which creates a business without sharing and without a framework. Like intellectual engineers, companies and their employees can easily imagine and bring their applications to different intermediaries. These applications can also serve as a place for media to take them to universities. The mobility of content is most often evident.

The future of distance education

The rise of the Internet has largely urged fans of the account to share the day before their adventures. With the endowment of the new web, we find ourselves in more and more numbers in the world insofar as it seems to avoid international traffic and help to contain a huge impact on the numbers, and just as such a way can allow a more profitable and mobile model. We're not far from it. One of the most important themes in new sharing with friends is learning. As much information during the day as the qualities of our schools. The successful courses we learn we succeed in finding other ways to know, explore, facilitate or comply.

General conclusions

Learning technology has managed to specialize at a time when external exchanges are not yet very fast. These systems have moreover developed their regulations and are consolidated in terms of risks and episodes of theft. Adapted to this generation which has a little operating length to borrow. The possibility of carrying out remote exchanges gives good opportunities for the services that you would like to rely on, and therefore for you. It is therefore very opportune to count some for you.

The issue of improving education has become an urgent necessity that coincides with rapid global changes while working on the psychological and social preparation of students, and not leaving the emphasis on technical aspects alone. 

Comprehensive development covers all aspects of the educational process in success and development without a holistic view (curriculum, student, teacher, parent, school building). We see them as parts or develop a sector and give it importance without other, but rather an integrated image and the development of radical solutions, and foreseeing the future for all elements, with the need to upgrade the element human resources in management and teaching, and the continuous development of curricula, teaching methods, and means of assessment. 


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